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Quality as Priority

We provide printing & packaging services and we are passionate about it. We see that ‘quality’ is our key to success. And by quality, we mean excellence through all aspects. We know that in order to gain the excellence, we cannot stop learning and implementing.

Therefore, we continuously seek for progressive technologies to make sure we can offer you with innovative solutions. We put our effort intocreating know-how that will ensure us of our high end product outcomes, and at the same time, ref lect its efficiency in a cost effective way. We care so much to always develop our system with quality as our foundation, and this allows our work flow to grow punctually on a professional basis.

“ I BELIEVE IN QUALITY ” – Somkid 2012


Our definition of packaging

We want our packaging product to ‘live’. We do not feel that packaging is there only to protect and deliver products. We feel that packaging is there to communicate to the consumer. It is there to create emotional connections to each brand.

This is why we always f ind a way to bring the print aesthetics to the next level – where it starts to create excitement and evokes more senses. We do not only print, but we offer full service of f inishing touches to ensure you can ‘feel’ the packaging.

” CUSTOMER IS OUR GOD ” –Somkid 2012