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More about S.Silpa

We providing printing and packaging services and we are passionate about it. We see quality as our top priority. We put our heart into creating f lawless end product. And we give in all our effort to provide customer with our timely service. And by quality, we mean excellence through all aspects. We care so much to always develop our system with quality as our foundation.

People are significance to S.Silpa, we provide a supportive environment where you can learn, grow and moving forward in your career. S.Silpa ensures that our people have the best quality of life and security in our environment.

To be successful we need teamwork, partnerships, and collaboration. We recognize our people for their commitment in embracing the benef its of ‘cooperation with one another’ and providing ‘exceptional quality’ to delivering the best outcome. We are willing to understand your needs and help seeking solutions for your difficult problems.

Printing and packaging is our world and we would like to give you an insight of what we love to do. Join S.Silpa and be a part of our family, we look forward to creating an eff icient supplying system with you.