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Die Cutting


Die cutting can add on another dimension to folding carton aesthetic. The beauty of a folding carton does not necessarily have to come
only from the graphic design of the artwork, it can also be presented through the structure of the folding carton, as well as how
the opening of the carton is presented. We can keep you updated with the available techniques that can be included – cutting, creasing,
perforating, scoring, reverse scoring, reverse creasing, cut-creasing, and much more.

State-of-the-Art Die Cutter

Our BOBST ExpertCut 106 PER Autoplaten® die cutter maximizes our productivity without compromising for quality. The key of this
machine is the in-line blanking station, which allows us to eliminate off-line manual stripping and blanking. This significantly reduces
the lead time and discarded waste, increasing the capacity of our operation. BOBST PowerRegister II in this machine is a unique sheet
feeding system specially designed to correct alignment with extreme precision. It reads the register mark printed on the sheet and
ensures the machinedie-cut-to-print with 100% no-sheet-edge-contact, regardless the position of the sheets and its full speed run.

Toolings Make a Difference

We do not only invest in the best machines, but we also care for the best quality of tooling. With precise dedicated tooling acquired
for each job, we can ensure a predictable outcome, a consistent reproduction, and a significant reduction in make-ready time.

Precision in Quality

  • Die Cut – Different types of boards have different characteristics – paperboard, metalized board, foil board, etc. We choose the type of rule that is suitable for each particular job to ensure the best performance.
  • Steel Counterplate – Milled steel counterplate gives the best result of crease line. With high precision and long life expectancy, we can ensure a consistent quality of crease lines, therefore a consistent carton erection force needed for your auto packing line.
  • Dynamic Stripping – We use dynamic stripping without lower pins for perfect stripping quality with low make-ready times.
  • Blanking -We choose dedicated blanker to ensure all cartons are blanked out properly during a full speed run.
  • Embossing in-line – We can do embossing in-line with die-cut to save cost and time. With register pins, we can transfer male embossing dies quick and accurately for high quality stamping.

The Right Application

Complicated structural design, such as partition or crash lock, will need the right folding lines to give the best attribute. Certain types of folding lines may not perform at its best when in the wrong position. We have our experienced staffs with know-how to help develop
a good structure with you. We also regularly update the skill to make sure we have the better to offer every day.

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