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Feel the Difference

Different types of embossing and debossing can add on to the visual aesthetic of printed cartons. It adds on the ‘touch’ and ‘depth’ to the carton. 3D embossing can turn the printed image into a structured surface depending on the design. Micro embossing can create interesting patterns to make the carton look more sophisticated. Embossing on foil or glossy surface can create interactive light reflecting pattern depending of the angle of perspective. This increases interaction between the packaging and the consumer. We keep updating the latest embossing technology to
make sure we have the best to offer you.

Types of Embossing

  • 2D Embossing – Standard type of embossing creating 1 level relief.
  • 3D Embossing – Structured embossing creating multi-level relief.
  • Blind Embossing – Utilizing only embossing to create pattern, without ink.
  • Micro Embossing – Embossing with a very fin pattern.
  • Debossing – Creating pattern sunken into the surface of the board.
  • Foil Embossing – Creating embossing effects during the process of hot foil stamping.
  • In-Line Embossing – Creating embossing effects in-line with die-cutting.

S.Silpa’s Technique

Creating the perfect embossing requires the correct calculation and compensation of the dies, regarding the print and paper
characteristics. We take every aspects into consideration – board type and thickness, coating character, etc. – to ensure the embossing
has a perfect finish. Our technical team is always willing to assist you to find the best solution possible.

Free Samples

Contact us for more information or to request free samples demonstrating our embossing capabilities.