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Folding & Gluing

Imagination is The limit

When a design is initiated, our technical team gets involved to give input of the possibilities for folding and gluing, while at the same time, find solution for new designs initiated. We want deliver the best product without compromising for efficiency.


State-of-the-Art Folder Gluer

BOBST MasterFold

We know that simply fast is not enough for a folder-gluer, so we have acquired the very unique BOBST MasterFold 110 A3. This machine
is outstandingly productive and flexible, delivering reliable performance of high-quality folding and gluing. It allows us to tackle
the most complicated designs of folding, while maintaining the top end speed. We have equipped this machine with a total quality control
system from Baumer HHS®, which ensure us of a 100% QC on every single folding carton. It can monitor mix up, accuracy of stickers and
source tag, even with hologram finishing, quality of glue line including the length and thickness. Once any folding carton is out of
specification, it will be ejected down the stream, without having to slow down or stop the machine.


Heidelberg Stahlfolder

Our Heidelberg Stahlfolder Ti52 has its extreme flexibility which allows us to fold all patterns of leaflet folding designs at top speeds.
We are able meet every need, from small jobs with frequent format changed to large jobs with non-stop production.

Fold the Right Way

We see than auto-erection lines has started to become your requirement, so we make a study on how we can create a reliable opening of
your finished product. Consistent gluing with Accupress® electronic pressure control ensure we can produce folding cartons which
need the same erection force. We make sure prebraking are made properly for ease in reopening the folding cartons during
an auto-erecting line run.

Reserch & Development

Folding carton wth partitions is the trend and it is very important we have the right tooling to fold each particular design efficiently.
We have our technical team to continuously research and develop tooling to retrofit into the machine for higher line speed incase of
a very complicated structural design. Because design of folding carton is endless, we prepare to develop an effective automation for
the highest productivity, faster turnaround, and in return, cost reduction.