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Foil Stamping

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Foil stamping

State-of-the-Art Foil Stamping Machine

Our BOBST ExpertFoil 104 FR is capable of high foiling accuracy, superb productivity and unbeatable product quality. Its foil-to-print Foil Register ensures high accuracy hot foil stamping in register with the print on the sheet, using a highly sensitive lateral camera and fiber optics to read dedicated print register marks and detect the sheets front sheet edge position. With BOBST Registron® technology incorporated in the Shim-Line Device, the machine is able to prevent shim line area of all foil types – diffractive, metalized, translucent,holographic foils, etc. We make sure to prepare enough Job Saver plates to minimise make-ready time and increase our productivity.

Foil Choice

There is a diverse variety of foil type you can work with. Knowing the choices available since the design stage will allow you to broaden
the design perspective. It does not necessarily has to be only matt or gloss, or gold or silver. We keep on acquiring new designs of foil
to support your design:

  • Mettalic – Foil with metallized effect available in many colors and finishes.
  • Opaque – Foil with solid colors available in gloss or matt.
  • Gloss
  • Pearlescent – Foil with translucent pearl effect.
  • Patterned – Foil with
  • Holographic

Different Ways We Can Finish Foil

  • Foil on Print – Plain foil applied after printing revealing the actual foil effect.
  • Print on Foil – Printing on foil to creater a greater impact on graphic design.
  • Foil on Foil – Foil over foil can give interesting
  • 2D & 3D Embossing on Foil
  • Blind Embossing on Foil
  • Foil Embossing – Combination Stamping


Contact us for more information or to request free samples demonstrating our hot foil stamping capabilities.